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Are You Thinking about Replacing Your Own Garage Springs? Three Reasons You Shouldn’t Do It

Are You Thinking about Replacing Your Own Garage Springs? Three Reasons You Shouldn’t Do It

Have you noticed that your garage door opener is struggling to raise and lower the door? Are the springs making obnoxious noises? Are they obviously damaged, if not broken? You are not about to attempt a garage door repair on your own. Here’s why you shouldn’t try to repair your garage door springs on your own. If you need garage door repair, contact Dynamic Garage Door at 855-343-3667 for help.

It’s a risky situation

The most important reason to avoid changing your own garage door springs is that doing so is extremely risky for anybody who is not a skilled expert. Garage door springs are under a lot of stress even when they’re damaged. If they aren’t properly removed with the right equipment, they might quickly release this tension in a way that puts you in danger. When uncoiling springs seized their tools, people’s fingers have been shattered, and breaking spring fragments can also inflict lacerations or property damage.

It’s a pain

Another reason you shouldn’t try to repair your garage door springs yourself is that finding the correct replacement springs may be a real pain. To be sure you’re receiving the proper size, you’ll need to take a variety of measures. If you have to purchase your springs online, you risk even more delays and problems if they don’t fit when they arrive.

It’s a challenge

The last reason you should hire a professional to replace your garage door springs is because it is tough to execute this repair correctly—and there may be a lot at stake if you make a mistake. The new springs must be precisely adjusted to ensure that the door moves smoothly and evenly. Jerky movement might harm your door and/or the opener tracks if the calibration isn’t done correctly. If you have a high-end door that is damaged due to incorrectly placed springs, you might be out hundreds of dollars.

For immediate assistance call us

At Dynamic Garage Door, we provide skilled garage door spring repair that will ensure that your garage door operates smoothly again. For a fast and reliable garage door repair in just one visit, our skilled professionals know how to choose the perfect size of springs, replace them safely, and calibrate them appropriately.

Another advantage of hiring a professional for garage door spring repair is that we can inspect your garage door and opener system to ensure everything is in working order and make any small changes necessary to maintain silent, dependable garage door operation. In the event your garage door needs to be replaced, we can help with that too. Call us now at 855-343-3667 to get started.

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