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Check Out These Simple Steps to Prevent Damage to Your Driveway Gate Caused by Wild Animals

Check Out These Simple Steps to Prevent Damage to Your Driveway Gate Caused by Wild Animals

There are many reasons you want to keep wild animals out of your property, but even if you keep them out, they can still cause damage. How? By causing damage to your driveway gate or to your garage. Keep reading for simple tips to help you prevent this from happening. Remember that you can always contact Dynamic Garage Door at 855-343-3667 when you are ready to learn more about your options to install a new garage door or gate.

There Are Many Potential Types of Damage by Wildlife

Claw marks can mar your driveway gate, but there are many other types of damage that animals can cause. They could potentially chew the wires of your automatic gate, they could leave their waste behind, or they could use any holed out area for a nest. Larger animals can also create structural damage that could be costly to repair.

Install a Plexiglass Barrier

It is possible to have a plexiglass barrier added to the outside of your gate. This creates a thick protective layer made out of acrylic plastic, otherwise known as plexiglass. This transparent material is what’s known as a thermoplastic homopolymer, which looks very much like glass but is much harder to break. It is naturally transparent, so it offers an ideal barrier without changing the look of your gate.

Include Pickets on Your Driveway Gate

A picket is a vertical post that can be found on many fences as well as driveway gates. If you have a lot of space between the posts of your gate that allow animals to squeeze through, pickets can put a stop to this. You could use these to supplement your current driveway gate, or you could choose a driveway gate that includes them in its design.

Choose a Solid Front Design

Somewhat similar to the picket design, it can be smart to create a solid front design on your gate. This type of design has no openings at all, which prevents critters from getting through and can prevent larger animals from even trying. You will also get more privacy and added security from potential human intruders.

Let Us What Special Concerns You Have

Damage by wildlife is just one concern you might have that you want to solve. At Dynamic Garage Door, we custom make products that allow you to enjoy your home and keep you safe at the same time. Call us at 855-343-3667 to let us know what unique project we can help you with.

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