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Everything You Need to Know to Choose the Best Color for Your Garage Door

Everything You Need to Know to Choose the Best Color for Your Garage Door

Most homeowners put a lot of thought into the curb appeal of their home. They think about choosing the right color for their roof, the right landscaping plants, and the right style overall. However, if they are not thinking about the right color for their custom garage door, they are missing out on a great opportunity to improve their home’s curb appeal.

The Most Popular Color is White

Let’s get this out of the way: If you want to choose a garage door or custom gate based on what is most popular, then your top choice is white. This classic color works with just about any color scheme or style. When properly maintained, white looks crisp, clean, and beautiful.

Neutral Shades Are Popular

Another popular choice is to work with neutral shades. This would include colors like black, soft or dark gray, walnut brown, and beige. As is true of white, these colors go with many decors and are classic colors. They can blend in with just about any home exterior. If you want a color that is less common than white but do not want to make your home the talk of the neighborhood by painting your garage bright orange, one of these neutral colors may work great for you.

Focus on Coordinating – Not Matching

Remember as you are considering your color scheme that your front door should be the focal point. Trying to match the garage door and front door may seem to make sense, but this can actually be confusing and could negatively affect the overall look.

One example is a home that is made from brick. This may look nice with a beige garage door and a bold red door. Brown and red are both close on the color spectrum, which means that they will coordinate with each other without matching. In short, choose colors that are within the same color family, or at least a color that complements the color family of the rest of your home.

Be Realistic About Your Choice

If you want to paint your garage door a bright, bold color, you will find plenty of online advice telling you not to. Doing so could make it harder to sell your home. It could make your home stand out in a way some people don’t like.

At Dynamic Garage Door, while we appreciate that a person’s home is often their largest asset and they want to ensure they are protecting their investment, we also believe that you should love your house while you are living in it. There is nothing wrong with choosing a bright, bold color as long as you understand the potential issues that can come along with doing so. To learn more, contact us at 855-343-3667.

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