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Five Reasons Your Garage Door’s Lifting Spring Might Break or Become Damaged

Five Reasons Your Garage Door’s Lifting Spring Might Break or Become Damaged

Do you worry that there is something wrong with your garage door? Has the lift spring become broken or damaged? If you are wondering what might have led to this issue, keep reading. You can also contact Dynamic Garage Door at 855-343-3667 for garage door repair or to have your garage door replaced altogether.

  1. The Culprit Could Be Daily Use
  2. If you use your garage door on a daily basis, then it could simply be that you are using it enough that the spring has broken. In this industry, we refer to a “cycle” as the number of times a garage door goes up and then comes back down again. In the average household, a garage door will go through about 1500 cycles every year. Most lifting springs are designed to last around 10,000 cycles, while newer options have life expectancies of closer to 25,000.
  3. There Might Be a Defect with the Spring
  4. While it is uncommon, it is not unheard of that a spring assembly is not correctly galvanized. This can lead to corrosion over time. This will generally show on the last ring when the spring breaks. We recommend that everyone checks their warranty if they believe this is the issue.
  5. The Spring Has Been Calibrated Incorrectly
  6. The way a spring to a door is calibrated is related to the weight of each. You can find springs in many different sizes, each of which is designed to match up to a door of a certain weight. It is not safe to have a variance of more than 5%. This means that a spring that was made to handle a door that weighs 135 pounds should not be used on a door that weighs 145 pounds.
  7. The Spring Has Gone Through Weather-Related Issues
  8. It seems harder and harder to determine which areas of the country are going to have severe weather. For anyone who experiences an extreme in temperature, whether high or low, or who lives in a humid area, it is not uncommon for a spring to corrode – even if it is well galvanized.
  9. The Spring is in Need of Lubrication
  10. If you have forgotten that your lifting springs need to be inspected and lubricated twice per year, do not worry – you are far from alone. However, this should be done to keep them in working order. We recommend doing so at the beginning of spring and at the beginning of fall. Any metal part that is touching another metal part can cause friction if there is not property lubrication.

If it turns out that your garage is in need of more significant repairs, or if it is time to replace your garage door altogether, contact Dynamic Garage Door at 855-343-3667 for help.

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