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Mid Century 07 | Custom Architectural Garage Door

Mid Century 07 | Custom Architectural Garage Door

Orange was the black of the Mid Century and now it’s back!  The Mid Century 07 architectural garage door design is one of our most versatile doors.  As seen in this image, the garage door is finished in a Mid Century proper orange with tinted designer glass panes.  The three asymmetrical windows are set on the right-hand side to add interest and balance to the curb appeal of this California home.  The narrow horizontal planks are accented with a v-groove detail that adds just enough dimension to this otherwise, minimalist garage door design.  Whether you’re renovating or building a Mid Century style home, Dynamic can customize this garage door to suit your needs.  Name your color, glass type, and window location and/or quantities to make this garage door your own!  Our Mid Century Modern 07 garage door design is a true gem that will tie your home’s exterior architectural style together with fashionable color and asymmetrical beauty.

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