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Increase Curb Appeal and Protection in One Fell Swoop with a Driveway Gate

Increase Curb Appeal and Protection in One Fell Swoop with a Driveway Gate

What if there was a single investment you could make that would boost your home’s curb appeal while also making it more secure? There is – and it’s a driveway gate. At Dynamic Garage Door we can create custom gates that help you stay safe and improve the look of your home. Keep reading to learn more. If you are ready to talk to a custom garage door company, call us at 855-343-3667.

Choose the Best Style and Type of Driveway Gate for Your Needs

There are a many types and styles of driveway gates, the best of which will depend on your specific needs. Sliding gates are very popular in the event there is not enough space to install a swinging and to allow it to swing open. These sliding gates are also often chosen if high-security is required. In that case, a fence would also be present and the gate would simply slide parallel to the fence.

Swing gates, which use a hinged-opening motion, are stationary at one end and swing open / closed on the other. These are generally a more affordable option than other types of driveway gates. Four-fold gates are used to control vehicle access into and out of parking garages. Each of the four door panels folds completely clear of the garage opening and can be seen by drivers while they are in operation. This helps prevent damage to doors or vehicles.

Finally, we have vertical pivot gates, which are often the choice when vehicle access control is a priority. They are great for installations in which it is not practical to have a sliding gate because there is not enough room. Some types of vertical pivot gates lift up to open, which makes them great choices in the event that snow or ice accumulates and could prevent a sliding gate from opening.

We Create Custom Gates to Ensure You Get Just What You Are Looking For

One of the man reason to work with Dynamic Garage Door is the fact that we can create custom gates specifically for your needs. We work with a wide range of materials and have experience installing many styles. We can add fire-resistant substances to help protect the gate from fire too.

If you are considering investing in a custom gate, we hope you will give Dynamic Garage Door a call at 855-343-3667. You may be surprised to learn just how affordable it can be to have the gate of your dreams created and installed.

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