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Is Your Vehicle Safe in Your Garage? Learn about the Hidden Dangers in Your Garage

Is Your Vehicle Safe in Your Garage? Learn about the Hidden Dangers in Your Garage

Most people who want to make sure that their car is safe when they park it at their home go no further than making sure they have a solid garage door installed. However, there are often other factors in play. Read on to learn about some of the factors in your garage that could keep your vehicle from being as safe as it should be. If you need repair or garage door assistance, contact Dynamic Garage Door at 855-343-3667.


If your garage is unorganized and full of clutter, your car is not as safe as it should be. There are a number of things that could go wrong, from a dent and ding caused by items that are protruding, to running over storage items and damaging both them and your vehicle. A well-organized garage is much safer for you and your garage than a messy one.

Stopping Your Car in the Wrong Place

We recommend having a market that tells you when your car is in the right position. If you do not do so, and your garage is a tight fit, you could end up damaging your vehicle by driving too far into the garage or not far enough. You can do what many people do and hang a tennis ball so that it hits your windshield as soon as you are in a good spot. If your garage is way too small and this is a constant issue, it may be time to replace it and build a larger, custom garage.

Hitting Your Car Door on the Walls of Your Garage

Even if you have it perfectly organized, if you open your car door too wide one day, you could end up dinging the door on the wall. You can prevent this by gluing foam pool noodles on the wall where you generally would hit the wall. This is cheap and effective, though it is not the best decorating option.

Unwanted Critters

If you end up with mice or other small rodents, they could cause serious damage to your car and any belongings within your car. Critters can chew nickel-sized holes in boxes and even through the writing of your vehicle. You do not want your garage to have any weak points or holes that will allow animals in. We can do an assessment to let you know if your weather seal is good enough or needs help.

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