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Myth Busting Common Inaccuracies About Garage Door Installation and Design

Myth Busting Common Inaccuracies About Garage Door Installation and Design

Do you need to replace your garage door? Have you looked into all of your possibilities, or have you simply assumed you won’t be able to acquire your ideal door? Before you settle for a plain, average garage door, keep in mind that the following garage door design misconceptions are untrue. If you have questions or want a free estimate, contact Dynamic Garage Door at 855-343-3667.

Myth: It Doesn’t Matter What Kind of Garage Door You Have

Some people believe that any good garage door will suffice. While having a high-quality garage door is vital for your home’s value, having a garage door that is well-designed can increase your curb appeal even more. Don’t be content with a plain garage door. Make a statement with a garage door that features design elements that were hand-picked to complement your personal style and the architectural style of your house.

Myth: Garage doors in the carriage style must swing open

True, back when carriage type garage doors were used to protect actual carriages, the majority of them swung open or rolled open. However, you are no longer restricted to a space-consuming swing-open door. Many manufacturers now provide full carriage door lines that roll up like any other modern garage door. The key is that they contain all of the fake hardware and design details that you’d expect from a real carriage door.

Myth: Nothing Comes Close to the Appearance of Real Wood

In fact, there are now a multitude of ways to replicate the look of genuine wood without the environmental impact. Many garage door manufacturers provide imitation wood coatings over steel door cores, and we offer an Eco-Alternative choice at Dynamic Garage Door. The doors in this series are constructed of environmentally acceptable materials, but they are hand-painted with wood grain and then given a smooth, textured, or distressed finish to give them the appearance of various types and ages of wood.

Myth: When it comes to garage door design, weight is a major consideration

It used to be that when building big solid wood doors, you had to be careful since they were too heavy for most garage door openers. However, specialized openers with more lifting strength may be purchased to accommodate large, heavy doors.

Myth: Adding windows to a garage door reduces the energy efficiency of the door

It’s possible that adding conventional glass panes to earlier garage doors reduced the door’s energy efficiency. Today’s garage doors, on the other hand, come with the choice of insulated and/or frosted window glass. The insulated glass keeps the temperature within the garage separate from the temperature outside, while the frosted glass protects against overheating from direct sunlight. Furthermore, the windows are well-sealed and snugly fixed in the door to prevent drafts.

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