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Tips to Help You Choose the Right Garage Door for Your Commercial Property

Tips to Help You Choose the Right Garage Door for Your Commercial Property

If you are looking for a new commercial garage door for your business, there many factors to consider. What is the purpose of your door? Will you use it to store vehicles, load and unload equipment or is it just for foot traffic? Make sure you know exactly what types of features you need in order to choose the best commercial garage door for your business needs.

Remember That a Garage Door is More Than Just a Door

A garage door is a door but it is a whole lot more too. It acts as a protective barrier to keep your business safe and secure. Depending on the type and design, it can help allow natural light into your business and can even help with ventilation. Your garage door acts as insulation from the outside world, and it may be the first thing that a potential client sees when they drive up to your property.

Overhead Doors Are One of the Most Popular Options

One of the most popular types of commercial garage doors is the overhead door, which operates on a rail or track. They are very similar to residential garage doors. Generally designed with long slates that have been held together with hinges to allow them to open and close easily, the main characteristic of this option is that the door is parallel to the ceiling when the door is open.

You can find overhead garage doors made form wood, metal, aluminum and, in some cases, even glass. They can be operated either manually or with a motor. They are most commonly sued in companies like auto shops, fire stations, or warehouses.

Coiling Garage Doors Can Be Easily Rolled Up and Down

Called either coiling or roll up garage doors, these coil up when they are lifted. They have thinner slats, which makes it easy for the door to roll up into a coil. They look more professional than many other types of garages, thanks to the fact that they are very compact. They are attached to an inner wall to help keep them study and secure.

These are great as security gates or as gates in areas that do not have a lot of extra space.

Fire Doors Are Similar to Coiling Doors with One Main Difference

While fire doors operate in essentially the same way that fire doors do, there is one big difference – protection. A fire door is made of a thick, durable, stainless-steel that’s specifically constructed to be fire resistant. They are also great for insulating a space and for reducing noise. These doors can be created to fit any application and size. They are popular in warehouse, parking garages, distribution centers, and similar areas.

Not sure which type of commercial garage door is best for you? Contact Dynamic Garage Door and let us help you.

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