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Troubleshooting Options for People with Loud Garage Doors

Troubleshooting Options for People with Loud Garage Doors

Have you noticed recently that your garage is much louder than it used to be? Does it make so much noise that you are starting to wonder if you need to repair or simply replace your garage door? The likely cause depends on the sound it’s making and other factors. Read on to troubleshooting options and then reach out to Dynamic Garage Door at 855-343-3667 if you need with garage door repairs or replacement.

What to Do if You Hear a Clunking Noise

One of the more serious of all the noises your garage could make, if it is clunking or thumbing when you open or close it, it is likely that your garage door opener is having a hard time doing its job. This is likely because there is not enough power for it to do the job correctly. Replace the batteries and if that does not work, then it may be time to replace the motorized opener. Another possibility is a broken torsion spring but that requires a professional to repair.

What to Do if Your Garage is Making Squeaking Noises

If your garage door squeaks when you open or close it, then it could be that the weather stripping is wearing down. It could be that the rollers are not moving along the track correctly – usually due to not enough lubrication. Try adding lubrication to the rollers. If that does not work, then you will need to call a tech out to find out if the issue is with the weather stripping or if there is something else at work.

What to Do if Your Garage is Grinding

No one wants to hear a metallic grinding when they operate their garage door. This could be the result of the chain or belt being loose and skipping a link. If you attempt to force it to open, you may hear a medium load grinding. If you are handy, you can attempt to adjust the belt/chain yourself to see if that solves the problem. If not, we suggest you contact the professionals by reaching out to Dynamic Garage Door at 855-343-3667.

How to Troubleshoot a Clinking Sound Coming from the Garage Door

This is actually fairly common. It is generally caused by the coils and springs of the garage door rubbing together after rust has built up. The best way to handle this is to prevent it by lubricating your coils and springs on a regular basis. Otherwise, it could be the result of a defective roller.

We Can Help with Repairs and Maintenance

It may be that the issue is that you need repairs but it also likely that ongoing maintenance can help prevent the issue. At Dynamic Garage Door we can come out to see for ourselves and provide you with the repair or replacement options. We look forward to your call at 855-343-3667.

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