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10 Types of Shutters: Which Ones Are Right for Your Home?

10 Types of Shutters: Which Ones Are Right for Your Home?

Are you consider adding shutters to your home? Whether you’re considering interior or exterior shutters, Dynamic Garage Door is here to help! Read about ten types and then call us at 855-343-3667 for more info. Remember – these are just ten options, there are plenty more choices to pick from.

  1. Lovely Louvered – Exterior Shutters

  2. Louvered shutters have uniform slats of wood that overlap and are set in a wooden frame. They’re popular for a wide range of architectural styles and are can be painted or stained to the color of your choice.

  3. Board and Batten – Exterior Shutters

  4. There are many options within board and batten shutters, including arch tops, square, joined, and spaced styles. They’re made from boards that are then joined together with crosspieces, otherwise known as battens.

  5. Plantation – Exterior Shutters

  6. Perfect for a Southern look, plantation shutters can be closed during storms and opened during summer to let in a warm breeze.

  7. Café Style – Interior Shutters

  8. These are very popular in French cafes – hence their name – and are usually louvered, cover only the bottom half of a window, and offer privacy.

  9. Scandinavian Shutters – Exterior Shutters

  10. Dressed up with cut-outs and bright, bold colors, Scandinavian shutters have solid, joined board and batten designs. They’re great to keep out the weather and their unique decorations are beautiful.

  11. Raised Panel – Exterior

  12. Decorative and raised, these shutters are great with window boxes to create a look that reminds you of the country but is still formal.

  13. Shaker Style – Interior

  14. These interior shutters will keep the light and weather out, with their flat, solid panels. They’re very plain and functional, but make an impression all the same.

  15. California Shutters – Interior

  16. These are louvered shutters for the interior of your home. They’re known for their wide, horizontal, wood slats. Similar to plantation shutters, the main difference is that they’re interior instead of exterior shutters.

  17. Cut-Out Shutters – Exterior

  18. Dynamic Garage Door can create custom shutters with cut-outs of virtually anything you can think of. From ships to stars, to geometric shapes to letters, this style became popular in the ‘20s but still holds on strong.

  19. Combination shutters

  20. Put simply, a combination shutter is a shutter that combines two or more styles. It’s a great choice if you want a truly custom look that totally defines your personality.

Are you ready for more information on shutters?

The great thing about working with Dynamic Garage Door is that we can create truly custom shutters. If you see something you like on this list, let us know and we’ll make it yours. However, if you see something you like but don’t love, just let us know what you’d like and we can create it for you. Call us at 855-343-3667 to get started.


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