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Our Mid Century Modern garage door collection is a snippet of the numerous rehab projects we've worked on throughout California.  The Mid Century Modern architectural styles of the 50's have made a comeback in areas such as Palm Springs, Long Beach, San Francisco and the valley just to name a few.  Architects, homeowners and designers are drawn to the simple lines that were introduced in the early 30's and 40's that eventually solidified the style by the 1950's.  In this custom garage door collection you'll find garage doors that feature fine lines, traditional materials and overall designs that fuse modern design with the classic styles of the 1950's.  Some of the homes that have received curb appeal updates with our garage doors and gates include Cliff May California Ranch Style homes in Long Beach, Eichler style homes in Orange, CA and many others throughout the state of California and other pockets throughout the nation.  Many of our Mid Century Modern garage doors are crafted out of composite materials, exotic wood species and metals you would expect to see circa 1950's up to the late 70's.  Browse our Mid Century Modern garage door gallery to inspire your rehab project or simply for inspiration on your new construction project with a flare of Mid Century Modernism.

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