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Vintage Nouveau Gallery

The Vintage Nouveau garage door gallery is a collection of uniquely designed garage doors that are handcrafted in a variety of reclaimed lumber species. Each door is discerningly designed with each home’s architectural style to achieve a cohesive result that harmonizes with each home’s exterior. Understanding the nature of the various reclaimed wood species when designing every new garage door is of utmost importance since different wood species will come with specific characteristics. For instance, in order to achieve the silvers and grays, the reclaimed wood species would have to be within the fir family. On the other hand, to achieve the darker browns, the reclaimed wood species of choice would be oak or vertical grain Douglas fir for the reddish tonalities. Sometimes mixing the different species will result in an abstract appeal with varying tonalities throughout the entire surface of a garage door. Dynamic’s Vintage Nouveau garage doors can be designed in many architectural styles including Modern farmhouse, modern, contemporary, vintage industrial, old-world European, Spanish, Tuscan, and Mediterranean, just to name a few!

Browse through our Vintage Nouveau garage door gallery and see the variety of styles we have achieved for our clients. We can reproduce any of the designs showcased within our galleries or our in-house designers can create something specific that you may have in mind. Our seasoned designers have extensive experience in blending materials, architectural styles, and personal client taste to achieve some of the most exquisite garage doors in reclaimed wood seen across the country and abroad.

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