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A Customized Fire-Retardant Garage Door Can Help Keep Your Home Safer

A Customized Fire-Retardant Garage Door Can Help Keep Your Home SaferThe 2018 California wildfires have been the most destructive our state has ever seen. With devastating damage and the heartbreaking loss of life, our thoughts are with everyone impacted. We also want to assure our customers that though nothing can be 100% effective against fire, we offer custom fire-retardant garage door finishes and materials.

Keep reading to learn more about these custom garage door options. If you are building a new home and need a garage door, or you want to replace your existing garage door with a fire-retardant option, we are here to help. Contact Dynamic Garage Door at 855-343-3667 to learn more.

We offer true customization of fire-retardant garage door finishes and materials

There have been many innovations in the field of fire-retardant finishes and materials. Not only do we offer unique eco-friendly options, we can also provide custom solutions for added fire safety. These finishes and materials are created to prevent fires from starting and to prevent fires from spreading.

With our years of experience, we can add fire-retardant finishes to wood doors. We can build doors made from composite materials that are entirely fire retardant. We can do this with unlimited styles, designs, and materials. We believe that our clients should be able to get the look they want without sacrificing the safety of themselves and their families. Our truly custom solutions help us offer this.

An example of a recent job we completed

We are proud to have recently worked on a job on the northern coast that included a unique fire-retardant garage door. We doubled up on the fire resistance qualities by building the door out of a composite material that is fire retardant, and then using A-rated fire-retardant paint. We provided them with exactly the look they wanted but offered one of the strongest combinations of fire retardant on the market.

Turn to fire-retardant materials and finishes

Whether you were impacted by the fire or just saw the devastation on TV, it would be difficult to find someone who lives in California right now and is not thinking about how likely their home would be to go up in flames. At Dynamic Garage Door we believe in working diligently to keep our clients and their homes as safe as possible.

As the weeks, months, and years go on, the focus needs to remain on using eco-friendly building materials and finishes that can protect our precious homes and families. We are committed to continuing to find the best innovations so that we can truly help improve the available options for fire-retardant garage doors.

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