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A Noisy Garage Door Does Not Have to Be an Accepted Part of Life

A Noisy Garage Door Does Not Have to Be an Accepted Part of Life

When you open or close your garage door, does it create a lot of noise? Don’t worry, you probably won’t need a completely new garage door. The issue is most likely with the opening. Here are five suggestions for making your garage door operate more quietly.

Look for any loose parts

There’s a good likelihood you have some loose pieces if you hear a lot of clanking, clicking, rattling, or jingling sounds. They might be in the garage door opener system or on the garage door itself. Standing inside the garage and watching the door move up and down a few times, searching for anything that wiggles or jiggles, you can easily inspect this. Ensure that all nuts and screws are securely fastened.


If your garage door squeals along its opener tracks, a small amount of oil may be sufficient to repair the problem. However, make sure to pick a product formulated exclusively for garage door openers. Other lubricants might trap dust, which can block your opener’s tracks.

Repair your garage door opener

An ailing garage door spring or springs is another probable source of squeaking or squawking sounds in a roll-up garage door. Because garage door spring replacement is not a do-it-yourself project, you should get assistance from a professional garage door repair specialist.

Replace your garage door opener with a new one

Some garage door openers are naturally louder than others. If you have an older chain-driven garage door opener, for example, it will never be as quiet as a modern direct-drive system. If the noises are truly bothering you, you could opt to upgrade to a new opener that is supposed to be “whisper-quiet.”

Purchase a garage door silencer kit

Investing in a garage door suppressor kit is another way to reduce noise from your garage door opener. These kits include foam or rubber pads that go between the garage door opener motor and the ceiling. The cushions absorb noise and vibration from the opener, preventing them from traveling through the ceiling and into your house.

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