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Are You Stuck with a Garage Door That Won’t Open? 5 Potential Culprits

Are You Stuck with a Garage Door That Won’t Open? 5 Potential Culprits

Having a garage door that will not open is frustrating but it can be even worse: It can be dangerous. If you are stuck in an emergency situation in which you need to leave quickly to avoid danger, and your garage door does not open, the outcome could be very bad. This is why we recommend taking action as soon as your door starts sticking. Keep reading to learn five potential reasons it may be doing so, then contact Dynamic Garage Door at 855-343-3667 if you would like more information about new custom garage doors.

  1. The Transmitter Batteries May Be Dead
  2. This is one of the most obvious solutions but it is also one that many people simply forget to check. The first thing you should do when you discover that your garage door is stuck is to check the batteries in your transmitter. If they are dead, then replacing them will likely fix the problem. You can push the transmitter inside your garage to open the garage door. If it opens without issue, then it is likely the transmitter in your car simply needs batteries.

  3. The Track of Your Garage Door May Not Be Aligned Correctly
  4. When the track of a garage door is not aligned correctly, a rubbing noise can be heard when it gets to a certain spot on the track. You can try aligning it yourself by loosening the screw that are holding the track to the frame. Then tap the track with a rubber mallet to try and get it back into its property position. Once you believe it is aligned correctly, tighten the screws securely so that the track will not move again to cause further issues.

  5. Other Issues with the Transmitter
  6. While the battery being dead is one of the most common issues with the transmitter, it is not the only possible issue. For example, it may be that the antenna that hangs down from the motor in your garage is obstructed. If it is not clear to receive signals, it cannot open and close correctly.

  7. There is Something in the Path of the Door
  8. Today’s garage doors have built-in reversing mechanisms made to prevent them from crushing objects that are in their path. If your door closes party way and then goes back up, it may be that there is something blocking the path that is triggering the door not to close completely.

  9. Your Garage Door Has Broken Tension Springs or Cables
  10. When the springs on your garage door beak, there is a lot of tension put on the cables and they are often the next to go. If that happens, they will fly out like a rubber band. If you suspect that either is broken, do not park in your garage until you have called Dynamic Garage Door at 855-343-3667 for an assessment.

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