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Discover How Long You Should Expect Your Garage Door Roller to Last

Discover How Long You Should Expect Your Garage Door Roller to Last

We are often asked how long the average garage door roller should last. The truth is that there is no single number to give you, as it will depend on the type of roller, how you use your garage door, and more. However, we can give you more information so you can determine how long your roller is likely to last. Remember that you can contact Dynamic Garage Door at 855-343-3667 if you need garage door repairs.

The Short Answer

While the lifespan of your garage door roller will vary widely based on many factors, the short answer is that you can expect most to last for at least ten years, if not twenty. Factors that come into play include how well maintained your rollers are, the climate in which you live, and how often you use your garage door.

Which Material is Best for Garage Door Rollers?

In most cases, garage door rollers are going to be made of plastic, nylon, or steel. Steel is the most durable option, but it also the most expensive – not to mention the nosiest. As a result, it is not often chosen for people on a tight budget or for garage doors that are attached to the house.

Plastic is the most affordable but it is also the least sturdy. These types of rollers do not have ball bearings, which means they can also be loud, and they might need replacement after only a few years. On the other hand, nylon is the quietest and it is also affordable, but like plastic rollers, they do not last as long.

These Factors Can Cause Your Garage Door Rollers to Wear Out More Quickly

Yes, as time goes on, your garage door rollers are going to be less effective. Weather can be an issue. If metal parts are exposed to rain or humidity, they will eventually rust. Stainless steel lasts longer, because it resists rust. Of course, how often you use your garage door will affect how long your rollers work. If you open and close it many times per day, except that it will not last as long as it would if you only used it once or twice a week.

Finally, you can maintain and clean your track to keep your rollers running as safely as possible for as long as possible. As is true of anything mechanical, the better you maintain it, the more efficiently it will run. Get rid of any small debris you see on the tracks. Add a lubricant if the noise gets louder. There are specialty formulas made specifically for garage doors.

If your garage door roller has stopped working, you might need repairs or it might be time for a new garage door. Either way, contact Dynamic Garage Door at 855-343-3667 to get started.

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