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Follow These Steps to Reduce the Chance of a Burglary through Your Garage

Follow These Steps to Reduce the Chance of a Burglary through Your Garage

The FBI estimates that there is a burglary every 22.6 seconds throughout the United States. About 80% of those burglaries happen during the day when the owner is out running errands or is at work. Many people do not think about how secure their garage doors are. Keep reading to get tips on how to keep your garage door as safe from burglary as possible. Then contact Dynamic Garage Door at 855-343-3667 to speak to a garage door installation expert.

Garage Door Are a Primary Point of Interest for Thieves

It is important to take care to keep your garage door safe because it is one of the first places a burglar is going to look if they are trying to gain access to your home. Not paying attention to this reality and allowing your garage door to be unsafe could put both you and your property at risk. Luckily, there a few things you can do to keep your home safer.

Make it a Point to Regularly Check Your Access Doors

It is smart to check all access doors before leaving your home and before going to bed at night. This includes ensuring that the doors are locked – and that includes the door to your garage. We recommend that this door have a deadbolt at a minimum, and should have a peephole too, so that you can check on any unusual noises coming out of the garage.

Invest in a Modern Garage Door Remote

Before 1993, garage door remotes were very large and were easy to scan and duplicate. This made it easy for thieves to work their way into homes. Even remotes from ten years ago may use old technology that is easy to crack. If you have a garage door that has not been updated in a decade, it may be time to get a new remote for it. This is also true if you have security gates too.

Do Not Leave Your Garage Door Remote in Your Vehicle

Unfortunately, a person who wants to break into your home may look in your car to see if they can find a garage door opener. If they do, they can steal it and use it to get into your home. Even if they do not know where you live, there is likely information in your glove box that will give them your address. If you are going to leave your garage door opener in your vehicle, at least store it in the glove box – preferably locked.

Have Your Garage Door Replaced

If you are not sure that your garage door can stand up to a future thief then it is time to have it replaced. The latest and greatest in garage doors help protect your home, your family, and you. Contact Dynamic Garage Door at 855-343-3667 today to learn how we can create the perfect custom garage door for your needs.

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