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Garage Door Cleaning Do’s and Don’ts

Get helpful tips on the right and wrong way to care for your garage door.

l-eco-alternative-03Do: Wash the Door. No matter what kind of garage door you may have, over time it is going to get dusty and dirty. Fortunately, garage doors are easy to clean. All you have to do is dissolve about a cup of low-phosphate detergent into 5 gallons of water and then wash your door. Just like when you wash your car by hand, be sure to use a brand new sponge or a soft microfiber or chamois cloth so that no grit will scratch the finish on your garage door.

Don’t: Use a Pressure Washer. A pressure washer might seem like an ideal tool for a big job like washing your garage doors. However, this is actually not a good idea because the hard spray of water could damage many kinds of pre-finished steel doors as well as some softer wood garage doors.

Do: Clean Garage Door Tracks. Leaves, dust bunnies, dog hair, and other bits of debris can sometimes get stuck in your garage door tracks. You should definitely clean the tracks out from time to time, as the debris might otherwise cause the door to jerk or stick in its tracks.

Don’t: Oil Garage Door Tracks. You might think that all moving parts of your garage door opener deserve oil. In reality, you do not want to put oil on the garage door tracks or the outsides of the rollers, and this will only result in more debris sticking to the tracks.

Do: Clean Photo Eye Sensors. The photo eye sensors in a modern garage door are a very important safety measure that help prevent accidents. However, the sensors do need a clear visual path to one other in order to function. Make sure to sweep any leaves or debris out of the way every so often.

Don’t: Knock Sensors Out of Alignment. When cleaning photo eye sensors, be very careful not to knock them out of alignment with each other. While it is usually pretty easy to realign them, it can be time-consuming.

Do: Clean Weatherstripping. The weatherstripping at the bottom of your garage door is very important for climate control in the garage. Help to keep it strong and supple by periodically cleaning off any gunk that could otherwise eat away at the rubber over time.

Don’t: Be Too Rough. The best way to clean your weatherstripping is by hand with a soft damp cloth. Never use a broom or other tool to jab at the weatherstripping as you might damage it.

Do: Inspect Your Garage Door Opener. After cleaning your garage door, take the time to put the garage door through its paces and make sure everything is working as it should. Be especially vigilant for any strange noises or hesitations in the door’s movement.

Don’t: Hesitate to Call Dynamic Garage Door For Help. If anything seems amiss with your garage door or opener, don’t hesitate to call the experts at Dynamic Garage Door for help.

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