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Coastal Cottage 02 | Custom Architectural Garage Door

Coastal Cottage 02 | Custom Architectural Garage Door

The Coastal Cottage 02 architectural garage door is a modern transitional door that borrows from the traditional craftsman styles with a touch of contemporary features.  The double-car garage door features a four-panel configuration accentuated by the perimeter trim work.  The one-to-three ratio design of each panel consist of a three-piece glass window at the top beautifully fitted with white-laminate glass which offers privacy and a touch of modern style to the, otherwise, traditional craftsman style door.  The remainder two-thirds of each panel is composed of vertical tongue and groove planking with a v-groove detail between each plank.  Now, the true star of this garage door is the sandblasted oak lumber that was used to handcraft the door.  Finished in a gorgeous whitewash finish accentuates that stylish coastal style that will remain relevant over the decades!  Customize this door design to your specifications by specifying your own glass pane type, finish color or even materials other than the pictured sandblasted white oak!

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