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Contemporary 07 | Custom Architectural Garage Door

Contemporary 07 | Custom Architectural Garage Door

Hand manufactured in solid clear vertical grain cedar our Contemporary  07 Architectural Garage Door is the perfect example of simple yet elegant design.  The vertical tongue and groove planks featured a routered v-groove design creating the simplest of designs used in custom garage doors.  The true star of this design is the wood itself exquisitely displaying the clear cedar’s natural grain structure and color variances.  The warm, natural hues of the wood blend in well with the the modern design of this home.  Finishing the garage door in a high gloss clear coat deepen the natural character of the wood veins further accentuating dimension and natural character within the wood itself.  Our dynamic team of designers work diligently to produce some of the most spectacular garage doors used in custom home building today.  Our goal with each contemporary style garage door is to create a subtle outcome that is proper for each home blending in with the curb appeal of the home and avoiding an elemental competition that would destroy the harmony of the front elevation.  Consult with our garage door designers today and realize the utmost attractive result that will give you the greatest result at a reasonable budget level.

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