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French Campestral 08 | Custom Architectural Garage Door

French Campestral 08 | Custom Architectural Garage Door

French Garage Doors are intricately designed with exquisite attention to detail. Our French Style Garage doors are handcrafted with this very concept in mind. This gorgeous French garage door was handmade out of authentic reclaimed French cherry imported from Europe. The window design was done in sets of three designer glass panes per set which is a favorite among savvy door designers throughout the world. Each window was designed with an exterior sill that further enhances the authentic French garage door design. Looking closely at the window beading you’ll notice the forty-five degree angle cuts that were used in order to conceal the fresh cuts on the reclaimed wood. We often use trade tricks like this when building reclaimed garage doors to preserve the authentic appearance of the aged wood without having to artificially touch up the wooden surfaces to match the old wooden surfaces. Our French garage doors are done to perfection, evoking nothing but the best in French architectural standards.

The handcrafted decorative iron work used around the perimeter of the garage door and ring pulls further enhances the carriage door look. All the decorative iron hardware was beautifully finished in a rustic, textured bronze color that blends well with the natural colors of the reclaimed French cherry wood. The old French world architectural essence was exquisitely captured in the design of this custom garage door that it is difficult to tell that it actually rolls up at the push of a button. Looking at the garage door and overall home’s exterior you would thing the home had been standing there for centuries. This is the type of custom garage door you’ll want for your luxury home project and/or renovation. Our garage door designers can create the most stunning French style garage door design you’ll ever see!

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