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French Campestral 10 | Custom Architectural Garage Door

French Campestral 10 | Custom Architectural Garage Door

Designed after an authentic French country door the French Campestral 10 garage door design boasts a unique configuration with a surprising appearance.  This garage door was handcrafted using rustic alder lumber that give the door quite a bit of character with all the natural knots and grain variations.  The golden stain used accentuated the natural yellows and warmer tones of the wood.  Starting at the top, the top section mimics a large wooden beam with two simulated carriage door sets below.  Each of the simulated leafs has perimeter trim pieces with a wide bottom trim beautifully decorated with clavos.  Above the bottom trim there are two additional horizontal trim pieces with decorative iron-forged strap hinges.  The middle of each carriage door set is accentuated with a pair of ring pulls giving this door a realistic appearance!  Altogether this French style garage door has eight hand-forged strap hinges, two sets of ring pulls and a handful of decorative clavos that truly give it an authentic appearance.  Let our designers help you customize this gorgeous garage door design to your specification!

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