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Spanish Colonial 06 | Custom Architectural Garage Door

Spanish Colonial 06 | Custom Architectural Garage Door

This is a custom designed Spanish Colonial Garage Door in solid mahogany wood featuring authentic iron-forged decorative hardware and a dark brown stain. The double car garage door was crafted in a vertical slat tongue and groove design with a v-groove. Perimeter and horizontal trim pieces frame in the garage door design in a traditional Spanish Colonial door style. Looking closely at the door design you’ll notice that the section cuts are ingeniously hidden under each horizontal trim piece giving the garage door an out-swing carriage door appearance. The top trim piece follows the garage door arched corner opening detail further enhancing the authentic style of the custom garage door. Beautiful  handcrafted iron hardware was used to emphasize the Spanish carriage door design. The decorative garage door hardware include heavy iron strap hinges that were forged by our in-house blacksmiths. Additionally, exquisitely designed ring pulls were added at the center vertical trim pieces. Several of the architectural elements we used on the wooden garage door complemented other features around the house like the custom iron light fixtures, the dark stain of the garage door resonates the dark-stained eaves of the roof while creating an outstanding contrast against the white plastered walls of the home’s exterior.

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