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Sierra Madre CA

One of the most unique aspects of Sierra Madre CA is its humongous wisteria vine. It was planted in the 1890s and has since grown to over 500 feet long. It is now believed to be the largest flowering plant in the world. Though the vine is located on private property, locals get to pay tribute to the plant that gave them the nickname “Wisteria City” every year during the Wisteria Festival in Sierra Madre CA. Another well-established plant-related institution in Sierra Madre CA is a 120 year old shop that still sells its own home grown specialty olives and citrus products. If you want to bring a unique touch to your home, consider a custom garage door, automated gate, or architectural shutters. Dynamic Garage Door can create the exact look you’ve dreamed of, using premium woods, handmade iron-forged hardware, and other quality materials. We also have a team of expert garage door technicians to help with any kind of garage door repair need you may have.

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