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West Hills CA

West Hills CA is an affluent neighborhood tucked into the San Fernando Valley and overshadowed by Escorpion Peak. When it broke off from the western part of Canoga Park in 1987, fierce debates arose about where the boundary lines would be drawn simply because the name West Hills CA added to the real estate value of people’s homes. Though West Hills CA is very residential, city leaders have also preserved plenty of open space in the area. These areas, such as Bell Canyon Park and El Escorpion Park, are popular hiking spots. If you want to bring a unique touch to your home, consider a custom garage door, automated gate, or architectural shutters. Dynamic Garage Door can create the exact look you’ve dreamed of, using premium woods, handmade iron-forged hardware, and other quality materials. We also have a team of expert garage door technicians to help with any kind of garage door repair need you may have.

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