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The Question of the Century: Should You Choose a Garage Door with a Window or Without?

The Question of the Century: Should You Choose a Garage Door with a Window or Without?

As you shop for a custom garage door, one question you will have to answer is whether or not you want a window in it. The truth is that there is no right or wrong answer – but there are pros and cons to choosing a window. Read on to learn what they are, then contact Dynamic Garage Door at 855-343-3667 for help with a garage door with a window or one without.

Pro: Windows Let in Natural Light

Perhaps the biggest advantage of choosing a garage door with a window is that it brings in natural light. Without windows, garages can be very dark. You will not need as much electric light in your garage, which can save on energy – especially if you use the garage for something other than parking your cars. If you want to use it to workout or to work on home improvement options, having bright, natural sunlight can help the space feel more appealing and even larger.

Con: You Will Lose Insulation

Windows will let in cold air during the colder months. If you do not have windows, you will have better insulation and more control over the temperature. Know that the windows used in garage doors do not have the same number of panes or amount of insulation compared to the windows in your home.

Pro: Windows Are Beautiful

Of course, many people simply love the way windows look. They believe they add curb appeal to the home and to the garage itself. Having a simple window in your garage door could be what sets your home off from your neighbor’s. When you work with Dynamic Garage Door, we create custom doors that can match your home, your custom gate, and much more.

Con: The Cost

When you compare the cost of a garage door without windows and one with, you can count on the windows being more expensive. Likewise, they require more maintenance too. If you want to keep them looking beautiful for years to come, you will need to clean them regularly. Many people do not want to spend their weekends in the garage, cleaning the window.

Which Option is Best for Your New Custom Garage Door?

Now that you have looked at the pros and cons of windows in garage doors, we invite you to contact Dynamic Garage Door at 855-343-3667 to learn more about the potential options. We can recommend colors, materials, and styles that would look great with your home and help you decide if windows are the right addition or not.

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