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Three Simple Maintenance Tips to Help You Enjoy Your Custom Garage Door for the Long Run

Three Simple Maintenance Tips to Help You Enjoy Your Custom Garage Door for the Long RunWhen you hire Dynamic Garage Door to build and install your custom garage door, you can expect high-quality labor and a long-lasting door. However, there are some simple maintenance methods you can do to keep it looking great for as long as possible. Read on to learn more about them, and then call us at 855-343-3667 to find out how to acquire your own unique garage door.

  1. Examine your track’s hardware
  2. When we recommend ways to keep your custom garage door in good working condition, we’re not just talking about how it looks; we also want it to function as efficiently as possible for as long as feasible. Take the time to clean out the garage door track as part of your spring cleaning. Remove any grease, dirt, or other debris that may be affecting the operation of your garage door.

    You may also use household oil to lubricate the lift cables, the locking hardware, the torsion spring, the torsion tubes, the track steel rollers, the roller stems, and the hinge pivot points of your garage door. If you have any questions about these conditions, please ask us when we install your door or come out for garage door maintenance.

  3. Examine your garage door both with the door open and closed
  4. The next step is to examine your garage door when it is open. Examine the weather stripping on the sides, top, and bottom of the vehicle. If you see rips, it’s probably time to replace it. You should also feel the weather stripping to determine if it is still flexible. If you discover that it’s gotten brittle, it’s probably time to replace it.

    Close the garage door and examine the weather stripping material. Do you notice any holes now? If there are any gaps, you should replace it. Weather stripping keeps water from decaying or damaging your garage door, and it may also help keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter if your garage is adjacent to your house.

  5. Examine your garage door’s finish
  6. Depending on the type of finish on your garage door, you may only need to examine it once a year or more regularly. Any fading, peeling, blistering, or cracking should be looked for. Look for dings, scratches, gouges, or dents as well. Remember that what appears to be a little issue can soon escalate into a far more serious one.

You may clean the garage door after you’ve taken a look. To clean it, use a light detergent and a soft bristle brush. Never use high pressure to clean your garage door since the finish may peel off. Call Dynamic Garage Door at 855-343-3667 for assistance with repairs or to get a new garage door installed.

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