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What to Look for When Choosing a Garage Door for Your Contemporary Style Home

What to Look for When Choosing a Garage Door for Your Contemporary Style Home Are you fed up with the same old, mass-produced garage door designs? To go with your new modern area, you’ll need a new garage door design. Here are some design suggestions to help you discover the ideal contemporary garage door to complement the architectural style of your home. Remember that you can contact Dynamic Garage Door at 855-343-3667 for garage doors, custom gates, shutters, and much more.

No panels here!

The first rule of thumb when creating garage doors for a contemporary home is to avoid any “traditional” design aspects. This implies you should avoid any panels with a classic raised or recessed appearance. A single-car garage door with four panels across and four panels above should likewise be treated with mistrust, as this is a very classic (and so unoriginal!) garage door design.

The look of minimalism

Consider a minimalist aesthetic as you go into more current designs. The key here is to go big or go home, and to keep things as simple as possible. Allow the door’s color or substance to speak for itself. For example, we’ve seen some interesting solutions with completely flat doors with no exterior hardware but a vibrant accent color.

Metal and wood

A combination of wood and metal is another option for a modern garage door design. Wood adds warmth and texture, while metal emphasizes contemporary architecture’s industrial side. Steel, aluminum, and copper are all popular metals to work with.

Elements off-center

All of the design features of traditional garage doors are symmetrically balanced. Consider deviating from this standard by adding a vertical row of windows off-center in your contemporary door.

Garage doors with glass

Glass garage doors are becoming increasingly popular in modern homes with a raw or industrial aesthetic. Clear, transparent, frosted, or even tinted glass can be used in a gridwork of wood or metal. A single-car garage door can have two rows of glass panels stacked four high across the door. Because the glass panels within the grid are so different in size from a normal paneled garage door, it doesn’t echo the older style at all and instead feels quite modern.

Factory and custom options available

You don’t have to commission a completely custom garage door because some of these contemporary garage door design options are becoming increasingly popular. For instance, at Dynamic Garage Door, we offer the C.H.I. glass garage door design in factory-made variants. If you want a truly unique product, we can also help with the design and construction of completely custom wood garage doors.

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