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Yes, Your New Garage Door Can Be Eco-Friendly: Let Us Show You How

Yes, Your New Garage Door Can Be Eco-Friendly: Let Us Show You How

If environmental protection and resource conservation are important to you, you’re probably continually looking for methods to make your house and lifestyle more eco-friendly. Have you considered how your garage doors could be able to assist you in achieving this goal? Here are three ways your garage doors may help you live in a more environmentally friendly house?

Keep reading to learn some ways our doors can be eco-friendly. Then contact Dynamic Garage Door for more information about custom gates, shutters, garage doors, and more.

Trees must be saved

Wood is arguably one of the most popular garage door materials, especially for bespoke garage doors on high-end houses. However, if you don’t know where the wood originated from or if it was collected ethically, you may be hesitant to use it.

Fortunately, utilizing recycled wood or ECO-Alternative imitation wood products, you may get the look of wood without taking down a single tree. ECO-Alternative materials also offer the advantage of not requiring refinishing or repainting like real wood, which means you won’t have to use any harmful chemical solvents to maintain your imitation wood garage doors.

Increase your energy efficiency

Investing in a high-quality garage door with insulation and weather stripping may significantly increase your garage’s energy efficiency. It is preferable to use as little energy as possible to heat or cool your garage. Because you’re using less electricity from the grid, you’re lowering your carbon impact. Having an energy-efficient house can help you increase your home’s market value while also giving you piece of mind about your own environmental effect.

Off the beaten path

Converting your garage door opener to solar electricity is surprisingly simple. In most situations, all you need is a kit that contains a solar panel, a tiny backup battery, and a circuit board for nighttime operation. Simply remove the transformer from your existing garage door opener and you’re ready to go solar.

With just 4 hours of sunshine, a modest arrangement like this may generate enough electricity to open and close your garage door numerous times every day. You won’t be able to tell the difference in terms of simplicity of use. But, in terms of environmental effect, every kilowatt-hour that isn’t drawn from the grid’s filthy power sources benefits.

If you want to save even more energy, consider reducing the automatic timer on your garage door opener’s light so that it doesn’t stay on for too long after you’ve already left the garage.

Please contact the experts at Dynamic Garage Door if you’d like to learn more about eco-friendly garage door features and technology.

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