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Contemporary 04 | Custom Architectural Garage Door

Contemporary 04 | Custom Architectural Garage Door

Brushed aluminum paneled garage doors are a good substitute for stainless steel due to its relatively equal appearance and lower cost.  The Contemporary 04 custom architectural garage door design is a minimalist, flush panel garage door with two large rectangular windows at the top panel.  Each window is fitted with privacy white laminate glass that allows the daylight to brighten the interior while keeping prying eyes from seeing what is inside the garage from the exterior.  This contemporary garage door design can be customized with different glass types such as clear, tinted, bronze or reflective glass to create a unique appearance that would suit your home’s architectural essence better.  Furthermore, the glass windows can be reconfigured in a different size, quantity and or location of the garage door panels.  Consult with our contemporary garage door designers to find out what can be possible for your specific garage door project!

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