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Contemporary 05 | Custom Architectural Garage Door

Contemporary 05 | Custom Architectural Garage Door

Luxury garage doors are the absolute greatest impact you can add to your home’s curb appeal.  This contemporary garage door design is a fine-lined horizontal open slat configuration.  The horizontal plank gaps are fitted with white-laminate glass panes that allow natural daylight to shine through and illuminate the interior of this garage during the day.  At night, the garage doors come to life as the interior light shines out of the gaps creating a phenomenal show.  The slat frame is crafted in eco-alternative materials engineered for exterior use.  Artistic hands created a faux heart-grain wood structure throughout the length of each slat to achieve a natural wood appearance.  This garage door design is perfect for Modern, Contemporary and even Mid Century style homes.  Make this door your own by specifying your glass type, stain color selection or simply finishing the door in a solid paint color.

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