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Mediterranean Revival 12 | Custom Architectural Garage Door

Mediterranean Revival 12 | Custom Architectural Garage Door

This Mediterranean style garage door has it all!  Our Mediterranean Revival 12 custom architectural garage door design is completely decorated with exquisite iron hardware elements that certainly capture all the elegance and sophistication you would expect from a true Mediterranean villa.  The double car garage door’s appearance was broken into two separate single car garage doors by ingeniously placing a protruding vertical piece through the middle.  This further accentuates the two car garage door look while enjoying the benefit of having a large, single door that opens up and creates ample space to drive in and out of the garage safely.  The top 2/3 of this custom garage door design is composed of vertical tongue and groove planks while the bottom third of the door is exquisitely configured in a square flush panel pattern.  Below every two square panels is a full width plinth that is beautifully decorated with a row of hammered head clavos.  Every corner of this design is embellished with corner straps and a middle vertical hinge strap.  Furthermore, the center of each carriage door configuration is decorated with two pull handles and a decorative sliding lock piece.  All these decorative elements pull together a fanciful Mediterranean door design that can dramatically increase the curb appeal of any Mediterranean style home!

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